Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one type of treatment provided to many people with drug and alcohol use disorders as well as those with mental health disorders. It is one of the care options we offer at ChoicePoint in New Jersey. Whether you participate in CBT through a telehealth treatment program or in one of our in-person treatment options, you’ll learn how to work through negative emotions and the underlying causes of addiction.

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What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

image showing a cognitive-behavioral therapy programAs one of the most commonly used types of therapy for addiction and mental health disorders, it is recognized as one of the most important components of care. In this type of therapy, you will work closely with your therapist during one-on-one sessions. During this time, you’ll communicate a great deal about your needs, thoughts, and expectations. As a type of talk addiction therapy, it is important that you are as open as possible with your therapist.

There are several principles that CBT focuses on:

  • Bad or unhelpful ways of thinking cause many psychological problems
  • Learned patterns of unhelpful behavior lead to these problems as well
  • It is possible to learn better ways to cope with your problems
  • Learning these methods can help to reduce your symptoms and addictions
  • Accomplishing these tasks can help to improve your quality of life

How Does CBT Work for Your Needs?

Every situation is different, but most people will find the process is just about talking to and opening up to your therapist. Be receptive to new ways of thinking. You’ll learn how to gain a better way of understanding how your thoughts impact your actions. You may also learn how to spot distorted ways of thinking that are often the cause of negative behaviors.

This, along with problem-solving support, encouraging better communication skills, and recognizing your ability to change the outcomes of your life, may provide you with the support you need to make a profound change in your future.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is just one component of your overall treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, but it can be an important one. It is something you’ll find to be helpful in real-life situations. That’s what makes it so valuable to you now.

Another component of cognitive-behavioral therapy is learning how to calm your mind and thoughts. That may seem easy for someone that is not struggling with mental health disorders or addiction, but for those who are, it’s one of the most important changes you need to make. You’ll learn how to recognize those negative thoughts and how to make changes that impact your health and your quality of life.

What You Can Expect from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

In our New Jersey treatment center, we’ll provide an assessment to determine if CBT is the right choice for your needs. If so, we’ll talk to you about what to expect and work on getting you to recognize your unique needs.

This type of therapy is often a component that works alongside other types of therapy. These may include:

You may receive a range of both holistic and evidence-based care. This type of care will allow you to heal your brain and your overall health. It can help to build your confidence and provide you with ongoing support.

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